Dr. Luke Smith (osteopath)

Luke has his big brother to thank for his chosen career path into osteopathy. As a teenager, he tagged along with his brother to an information session and fell in love with the principals of Osteopathy, in particular the anatomy and biomechanical function of the human body. He went on to study osteopathy at Victoria University, which gave him the foundations to understand the importance of holistic treatment and he focusses on getting his clients back to doing what they love.

Luke has a passion for treating athletes from a combat sports background, which stems from his own experience as a Hyperfly-sponsored brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Luke competes locally and internationally and holds multiple state, national and pan pacific titles. He also cross trains in boxing, muay thai, MMA, wrestling and judo which has helped him further develop his knowledge in managing combat sports injuries. In addition he has also worked extensively with powerlifters.

Working so closely with weight-classed athletes, Luke also takes a keen interest in nutrition for weight cutting, recovery and performance. He holds a certification in nutrition coaching and has helped several amateur and professional fighters successfully prepare for their bouts.

Outside of work and the gym, Luke enjoys travel, food and music. He plays tenor saxophone in a band